Choosing Between Surgical and Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

non-surgical cosmetic surgeryPlastic surgery and cosmetic procedure demand is at an all-time high. Thanks to advances in both surgical techniques and non-surgical procedures, there is a treatment for every person and nearly every trouble area. As widespread acceptance of the cosmetic surgery industry continues to grow, more and more people are looking for a fix to the little things they would like to improve about themselves.

When contemplating your first cosmetic procedure, there are many factors to take into consideration. It is not as simple as walking into the “plastic surgery store” and picking the item you like the best. Each person’s goals and bodies are unique; choosing the right procedure to accommodate both is essential to having a successful outcome.

One of the biggest choices a patient faces is the choice between surgical and non-surgical procedures. With so many procedure options available with both surgical and non-surgical alternatives, there are several factors that need to be considered before choosing one or the other. Thinking through these factors and having clear goals in mind will enhance your consultation with Dr. Mark Jewell; this allows him to have a better understanding of the direction that you want to go with your procedure.

Prior to your consultation with Dr. Jewell consider:

  • WHAT IS MY TIME FOR RECOVERY: People live busy lives and many people cannot afford to be away from work or family obligations for an extended period of time. This can rule out surgical procedures, as they often require more time than their non-surgical alternatives. It is helpful to ascertain what time frame is ordinarily needed for post op recovery during your consultation with Dr. Jewell, if you can set aside time for recovery it will be beneficial.
  • HOW LONG WILL THE RESULTS LAST: One thing is for certain, while cosmetic surgery or treatments can slow the aging process, they do not stop it. If you have extra time to allow for a healthy, safe recovery, then surgical procedures may be fine for you. When considering a surgical or non-surgical procedure, ask yourself: How long do I want the results to last? Surgical procedures tend to have longer lasting results than non-surgical procedures. For instance, a patient who has a facelift may never need another surgical procedure for many years, but the patient who chooses Botox will require some additional maintenance throughout the year. The right answer is the one that fits your lifestyle and goals.
  • WHAT CAN I AFFORD: While many people have a preconceived notion that cosmetic treatments are expensive, the cost of plastic surgery has become more affordable over the years. As technology and techniques continue to improve, the overall cost of procedures decreases. Surgical procedures still tend to be higher in price, but non-surgical treatments are affordable to nearly everyone. When deciding between surgical and non-surgical procedures, remember that the more involved the treatment, the more it may cost you.
  • HOW BIG OF A CHANGE AM I LOOKING FOR: Significant changes to one’s body often require more time and intervention. If you are looking for a dramatic change, then you should be prepared for a surgical procedure. While non-surgical treatments tend to be less dramatic, the results are still quite noticeable and leave patients with a high satisfaction rate.

When it comes to making the decision between surgical and non-surgical procedures, the choice comes down to what you hope to achieve and what your surgeon tells you he can do. If you are undecided about the approach you want to take, you can learn more about the various techniques available to help you achieve your goals during your consultation with Dr. Jewell. Based on your body, goals, and the factors above, you can come up with the best course of action together.

There are options out there to suit everyone. Scheduling your consultation is the first step in making the changes you’ve always dreamed of.

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