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            It all started in July 2010 when I heard the words BREAST CANCER.

Now before this I had friends and my friends had friends who were diagnosed with breast cancer and I thought what would I do if I was ever told I had breast cancer. I even cared for women who were diagnosed with breast cancer so I thought I had an idea of what these women went through.


They could tell from my mammogram that I had cancer. My family doctor told me that my mammogram showed signs of breast cancer. I thought, no it is just a milk gland or something, because cancer was not in my family.


He said he wanted me to go to a surgeon he recommended and I made my appointment still believing this is a mistake. I did tell my family at this time that I had a good chance of having breast cancer, I saw the surgeon and he confirmed, yes I have breast cancer and ordered my biopsies. The biopsies came back and I had 2 different cancers in my right breast, Carcinoma In Situ and Paget’s disease. On August 26, 2010 I had my right breast removed. I was very lucky I didn’t need to do chemo, radiation, or take Tamoxifen.

I thought, “No breast on the right side.” I was fitted with a prosthesis and bra. They lady was very nice, but I never want to do that again. I never wore a swim suit again because the prosthesis would move and I was afraid of people seeing it. I thought I was ok with this and with living without a right breast.

Then one day I said to my husband that I wanted Breast Reconstruction surgery done. I went back to my surgeon and family doctor to find out my options. They referred me to a plastic surgeon who no longer did breast reconstruction. The plastic surgeon, my family doctor, and my surgeon all recommended Dr. Jewell. I had talked with other women about breast reconstruction and was told that it was very painful and I do not like pain.

I called Dr. Jewell’s office and got an appointment. I felt very comfortable my first visit and decided to go for it. I had my breast expander placed and went back for fills. In December 2012 I got my permanent implant placed and now I am back to wearing a swimsuit.

“It’s the little things, like a swimsuit, that can mean so much to one person”

Reeva Abeene

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