Allergan Suspends Sale of BioCell Textured Implants and Tissue Expanders Worldwide

Today, news came out about Allergan suspending the sale of their BioCell textured implants and tissue expanders worldwide. Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) has been found to be associated with these textured surface implants.

To date, Dr. Jewell has not seen a case of BIA-ALCL in his textured implant patients as he has taken careful precautions to prevent implant surface contamination at the time of surgery. Dr. Jewell, along with colleagues in the US, UK, Sweden, and Australia published their outcome data in 22,000 patients where textured surface implants were used and the surgeons used the same technique. To date, there has not been a case of BIA-ALCL in these patients.

As of today, an advisory has not been issued from the US FDA for patients who have textured implants to have their implants replaced. Patients are advised to see their plastic surgeon if they develop swelling in their breast, as BIA-ALCL presents itself initially as a fluid accumulation. If swelling occurs, the fluid must be sent to a laboratory for testing. Currently, there has not been a case of BIA-ALCL reported in individuals who have received smooth surface implants.

BIA-ALCL has been shown to be curable in its early stages with a capsulectomy to remove the tissue that envelopes an implant.

If patients have questions, please contact us at Dr. Jewell’s office by calling (541) 683-3234.

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