A Symbol of Femininity

A woman’s breasts can be sexy, show off her femininity. They can make a woman feel nurturing or motherly. However as a woman sees her breasts, and she is unhappy with their appearance, it can create a real sense of self consciousness.

There are many options for a breast augmentation in Oregon, but only one can be performed by one of the state’s most qualified plastic surgeons. Dr. Mark Jewell, understands the sensitive nature of a breast augmentation. Dr. Jewell takes the time to discuss in detail the procedure you’re looking to have done, answer all your questions, and provide you with the most current information regarding your breast augmentation so that he can ensure the best possible results. There are many things to consider prior to your breast augmentation surgery. From the size you’re hoping to achieve as well as the way it will change and affect the rest of your body. By being open and honest with Dr. Jewell, you can create a plan for success together. Cosmetic surgery can accomplish many wonderful and amazing things that boost self-esteem and give people the bodies they have always dreamed of having, but it is not magic. Having a detailed conversation during your consultation will help you set reasonable, attainable goals which will increase your satisfaction with your breast augmentation procedure!

If you are considering a breast augmentation in Oregon, or any kind of cosmetic procedure you’ll want to consult with the most experienced plastic surgeons the state has to offer. Schedule your consult with board-certified plastic surgeon Mark Jewell, MD today and make those dreams a reality!

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