A New Chapter In Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Jewell’s chapter in Short Scar Facelift-Operative Strategies and Techniques (Quality Medical Publishing) has been published. This is the second edition book on the MACS short-scar facelift technique that was developed by two Belgian colleagues, Drs. Patrick Tonnard and Alexis Verpaele.

The short-scar approach to facial rejuvenation offers patients an alternative to the “classic” facelift by minimizing incisions and by restoring facial volume in cheeks and at the same time improving neck contour. Dr. Jewell teaches this new approach for facial rejuvenation with Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele at The Aesthetic Meeting. He will be presenting more of his work on the biomechanics of facial rejuvenation at the European CATFAS II Meeting, fall 2007.

Facial aesthetics and rejuvenation is a major part of Dr. Jewell’s practice. Dr. Jewell offers all types of surgical facial rejuvenation, including the MACS short-scar facelift, blepharoplasty, fat grafts, brow lifts, lipoplasty to improve neck contour. He also offers the entire range of non-surgical treatments, including BOTOX®, tissue fillers (RESTYLANE® and Juve’derm®), medical skin care for sun damage, and light-based treatments (IPL-intense-pulsed-light for red/brown pigment excess) and 1064nm YAG laser for reduction in facial capillaries and skin pore reduction.

Dr. Jewell believes that patients seeking improvements in facial aesthetics and rejuvenation should be able to achieve a natural-appearing outcome with less down time. His comprehensive approach for patients allows them to maximize their outcomes by combining both surgical and non-surgical solutions.

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