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Practice Philosophy

Individual results may vary.

The Science of Beauty

Dr. Mark Jewell and his staff are in the business of providing their Eugene, Oregon, plastic surgery patients with comprehensive, individually-tailored, scientifically- researched, medical care in cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery. In the world of plastic surgery, he and his staff are known for their delivery of excellent outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Beauty and medicine are merging, but the importance of research, science, and safety remains paramount, and that is why Dr. Jewell is committed to investigating new technology and providing his patients with safe and effective options. He has been involved in the clinical research and development of fillers, neurotoxins, form-stable breast implants, ultrasonic lipoplasty (surgical and non-surgical), and drug therapy to reduce scarring.

Making the Right Choice

Your decision to undergo any cosmetic medical treatment is very personal and serious. Once you have come to a decision to learn more about what a particular treatment can do for you, your next step is to choose a doctor with whom you can have a comfort level and trusting relationship.

“Finding the right doctor is more confusing now than it ever was,” says Mark L. Jewell, MD, past president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Beyond the qualifications of the surgeon, Dr. Jewell advises that you look for a surgeon with a service-minded staff with excellent listening skills. “Your surgeon and his or her staff should openly discuss your concerns and particular needs throughout the process of consultation, surgery and aftercare.”
–NewBeauty Premier Issue

  • About Our Staff

    No doctor can do it alone. Our staff has exceptionally qualified registered nurses, a therapist and an esthetician all with specialized training. Our support staff is extremely knowledgeable and committed to delivering excellent care and outcomes for our patients.

    For individuals seeking improvement in their appearance, cosmetic surgery can be a beautiful choice. Please give us a call and let us work for you.

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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