BRAve Face for Breast Reconstruction

Updated October 27, 2014

BRAve Face

            It all started in July 2010 when I heard the words BREAST CANCER.

Now before this I had friends and my friends had friends who were diagnosed with breast cancer and I thought what would I do if I was ever told I had breast cancer. I even cared for women who were diagnosed with breast cancer so I thought I had an idea of what these women went through.


They could more

BRAve Face for Breast Reconstruction Awareness

Updated October 24, 2014

BRAve Face

Six years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy, followed by chemo and radiation. I ended up with an inverted nipple that needed to be reconstructed. I had reconstructive surgery with a different local surgeon who implanted a breast implant and did a flap to fix my nipple. After surgery my nipple was still inverted (which was not easy or pleasant to keep clean), my implant felt hard as a rock (I hated even hugging more

BRAve Face for Breast Reconstruction Awarness

Updated October 23, 2014

BRAve Face

 Who knew 2014 would be such an eventful year. On January 2, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was told it was a very aggressive type of breast cancer. This of course led to many appointments with many different doctors. I started chemo on January 16th.

After I discovered my breast lump, and while I was awaiting the results of my testing, my husband I discussed what I would want to do if the test showed I had breast more

BRAve Face for Breast Reconstruction Awareness

Updated October 22, 2014

BRAve Face

My journey to breast reconstruction is different than most patients. In 2013, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 44. Because of my strong family history of cancer, I had BRAC 1 testing done and it was positive.

I opted to have bilateral prophylactic mastectomies with immediate breast reconstruction. I chose this option to decrease my risk of future breast cancer. This entailed removal of underlying breast tissue with a skin sparing technique and nipple graft with immediate more

BRAve Face for Breast Reconstruction Awareness

Updated October 21, 2014

My Brave Face Story

            Eight years ago, July third 2006 to be exact, I was lucky enough to be receiving the “Breast Augmentation” of my dreams. Not because I was vain, but because I had put my time in as a young mother and I wanted to get myself back to feeling sexy. Who would have known that the procedure would prove to be the reason that I survived having breast cancer? Three weeks post more

Jewell Plastic Surgery is proud to present BRA DAY 2014!

Updated September 29, 2014

October 15, 2014 is national Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day “BRA DAY”!

This year’s theme is BRAve Faces. We recognize there are many faces of breast cancer and a unique journey for every person facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast cancer does not discriminate and while every journey is unique-all breast cancer patients have the right to know their reconstruction options prior to deciding the path they choose for surgery.

Please join us Jewell Plastic Surgery  on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 more

Dr. Mark Jewell in Rio de Janerio for the ISAPS Conference 2014

Updated September 23, 2014

Dr. Mark Jewell participated in the biennial Congress of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This international meeting hosted by aesthetic plastic surgeons from 94 countries. Dr. Jewell represents the United States of America as its National Secretary within the organization of ISAPS. 

Dr. Jewell presented 5 scientific papers at the meeting during the general session. One of the papers he presented was about the ten year outcome data from the Allergan 410 form-stable breast implant study. He was more

Breast Augmentation Surgery-Zero Infections with 35 Years of Data

Updated September 12, 2014

August 1, 2014 marked the 35th year of Mark Jewell, M.D’s. clinical practice in Eugene, Oregon. He achieved a significant accomplishment with regards to a zero incidence of infection following a primary breast augmentation surgery in the last 35 years of his practice.

This data is corroborated by other FDA-approved, Institutional Review Board oversight studies that Dr. Jewell has been involved with over the last 22 years. A peer-reviewed scientific study written by Dr. Jewell that was published in Aesthetic Surgery more

Seri Surgical Scaffold Receives Nomination for Prix Galien

Updated September 3, 2014

The Prix Galien Awards, is considered the industry’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize, the highest accolade for biomedical research and innovation. Each year the Prix Galien Awards Committee, selects among many candidates the best products competing in three categories – Best Pharmaceutical Agent, Best Biotechnology Product and Best Medical Technology approved by the FDA in the past five years.

Seri Surgial Scaffold has been nominated for the Prix Galien award. Seri Surgical Scaffold is a unique silk-derived biologic textile that more

LipoAbdominoplasty The New “Tummy Tuck”

Updated August 1, 2014

Body contouring surgery has been an integral part of Dr. Mark Jewell’s Eugene, Oregon, practice for many years. One of the more interesting procedures in this area is the lipoabdominoplasty which is the combination of an abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”) and liposuction. This combination was developed by some of Dr. Jewell’s Brazilian colleagues in order to improve the aesthetics of the entire abdominal area and waist. Dr. Jewell was one of the first plastic surgeons in North America to introduce this more

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